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What is tool box?

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1. What is a tool box

Tool box (also called toolbox, tool set box, tool chest box, tool cabinet box), usually a metal or plastic box, used to put some daily tools. It can play the role of storing tools, protecting tools and being easy to carry. It is widely used in home, workshop, car repair, factory.

2. What kinds of toolboxes are there?

A toolbox usually refers to a portable toolbox, but due to people's different search habits, a toolbox can also refer to a large cabinet-shaped box or a movable tool cart with casters.

Portable tool boxes usually have a handle on the top for easy carrying, and the tool box supplier Hongfei Metalwork has a box size of about 14 inches to 24 inches. The top cover of the toolbox is fixed by hinges to ensure that the toolbox can be opened flexibly. The inside of the tool box is tray type or drawer type. The tray type is relatively simple and has a large space, and dividers are usually added inside to classify small hand tools. The top of the drawer-style toolbox is also a tray, and the box part is a drawer, which has the function of classifying tools. The toolbox has a toolbox with one drawer, a toolbox with two drawers, a toolbox with three drawers, and a toolbox with four drawers. Usually two-drawer or three-drawer toolboxes are in the majority.

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Large cabinet-shaped boxes and movable tool carts with casters are sometimes called tool boxes because their appearance is also in the shape of a box. These tool boxes usually have drawers or side doors, such as drawer tool cabinet manufacturer Hongfei Metalwork. Cabinets or tool cabinets with side doors are optional. Small tools can be stored in the drawers, and larger tools can be stored in the side doors; if there is a need to move the tool box, you can choose a tool box equipped with casters.

3. The material of the toolbox

Before the 19th century, toolboxes were mainly wooden toolboxes, which were exquisitely crafted and durable, but they were not easy to clean, easy to get damp, heavy in weight, and not particularly portable.

Modern tool boxes are mainly made of sheet metal or plastic, which have a more design sense, are very portable, have a large internal space, are moisture-proof and rust-proof, and are easy to clean. Stanley, Harbor Freight, RIDGID and other brands of plastic tool boxes are very well made.

The plastic tool box has a large internal space and is relatively light in weight. The metal tool box is a bit heavier due to the raw materials, but the structure is stronger and more durable. The surface is sprayed with chemical corrosion-resistant powder, which is moisture-proof and rust-proof.

4. What are the application scenarios of the toolbox (why is the toolbox needed)

(1) The daily maintenance of the workshop requires a portable mechanics tool box for the orderly placement of tools.

(2) Technicians, mechanics, and car maintenance personnel need tool boxes.

(3) The daily maintenance of household machines requires tools and toolboxes, which are very beautiful and practical as a piece of furniture.

(4) Large-scale manufacturing enterprises have relatively high environmental requirements for tool workshops, and there are more employees, which require a large number of garage tool boxes.

5. Related products of the toolbox

(1) Hardware tools. Usually people buy toolboxes to store and organize tools, keep them organized and improve work efficiency, so hardware tools and tool sets are essential. Hardware tools are usually divided into hand tools and power tools.

(2) Roller tool cabinet. Tool cabinets usually have drawers and side doors. They are large in size and are suitable for situations where there are many tools or for working in workshops or indoors. Because they are equipped with casters, they are very convenient to move. Tool cabinets are usually also equipped with key locks to ensure the safety of tool storage.

(3) Tool cart. The tool cart has a simple structure and more space. It looks like a shelf, and casters are installed at the bottom to store items to the greatest extent. However, there is generally no key lock to protect the safety of tools.

(4) Toolkit. Tool bags are usually made of canvas or leather. Usually a hinged steel frame is installed over the top opening to spread and secure the kit. Because of the material, the tool bag is very tough and durable, and is suitable for outdoor carrying.

6. Where can I buy the toolbox

Individual users can choose to buy the portable drawer tool box at a local hardware store, or they can choose to buy it on a large e-commerce platform, which is very convenient. Distributors, wholesalers, and brand owners can choose to purchase on large B2B websites, or directly find toolbox and tool cabinet manufacturing factories to provide stable and high-quality product sources, such as tool box and tool cabinet manufacturers Hongfei Metalwork with rich experience, high product quality and professional service.

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